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These Success Stories are outcomes reported by individuals from client companies.

1. I have used these concepts as I have kicked off continuous improvement meetings, tackled conflicts, and even when my peers have faced a challenge. Meetings that could have ended poorly and ineffectively, have yielded meaningful results (cross-functional collaborations, defined procedures, cost reductions…)

2. I have increased my credibility by using these ideas on the job.

3. I have been able to build strong relationships and am able to persuade or “sell” my ideas, opinions and behaviors. I am better able to engage those I communicate with and in turn, can stress the importance of my voice and my messages.

4. Over the past two weeks I have been more proactive with my team members, while seeking their input prior to giving mine. In doing this I have discovered that in many cases my team members already have an idea or resolution for the problem at hand, however they seem to lack the confidence to implement their idea/resolution without my reassurance. By valuing my team mates’ opinions and ideas, I have seen a whole new level of confidence instilled in them.

5. Involving people to a greater degree in goal setting, problem solving and decision-making has been well received, fostering a can-do culture and promoting ownership at the team level. 

6. I have found that not going into meetings with an open-mind (without prejudging others’ ideas) to have positively influenced others' perception of me as a team player. Colleagues seem to find more value in my ideas. This makes for more constructive discussions as well as improved productivity. Also I find that colleagues are beginning to display more trust in me to handle and resolve situations involving their customers that they would have been reluctant to bring to my attention in the past.

7. I have learned to identify different communication traits and use this knowledge in improving the quality of communication I have with others. For example, I tend to want to get to the point of any particular discussion while at the same time avoiding redundancy (so) conversations with me may come off as abrupt ending with an awkward moment. This knowledge has helped me form a better relationship with individuals. An added benefit is that I have found that my colleagues seem to trust me more with personal information.

8. By using the communication technique of “summarizing”, I have picked up some important details that I would have missed the first time. 

9. Since trying these new communication tactics and trying to be more conscientious of my communication techniques, it has not only improved relations with co-workers but with family as well.

10. I learned a lot about the (differences in the) communication methods between US, Europe and Asia as the cultures are different (to) each other. 

11. The coaching sessions have opened my eyes to the fact that I might be taking on more work than I need to because I have a problem with delegating tasks. I didn’t realize that this could ever be possible before the coaching sessions. 

12. Prioritizing has reduced the sense of urgency I very often feel.

13. Time management has allowed me to start and finish projects more effectively than in the past and to be more results oriented and thus more productive in my day to day activity.

14. In relation to my sense of urgency, I have been able to determine what other people’s priorities are and how they relate to what I do every day. I can now identify what a true “emergency” is and how to better handle individuals when they approach me with what they deem is most important to them. I make to-do lists daily, weekly and monthly and do not procrastinate. 

15. I have many things going on every day and have been able to relay what my tasks are, as well as listen to the struggles others have when it comes to prioritizing. Often when we talk through the issue at hand, what might have been considered a “crisis” is actually something much less and can be easily resolved. 

16. I realized that not having the answers is ok, and is quite liberating. This immediately reduced stress and allowed me to benefit from others’ input. I still have high standards for myself but now have internal flexibility to better address them and get even better results. 

17. I am starting to become much more self-aware which has allowed me to begin growing again. I can feel myself becoming better both professionally and personally. It is exciting and feels good. I have always been confident in the work I generate, but I now feel like a more confident person as well. 

18. By implementing one of the time management techniques, I often have the feeling that I am at the helm and understand the emergent needs that are out there. I also have noticed significantly less strain when dealing with key customers.

19. We put together a system for prioritizing my workload specific to what I needed to decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed.

20. I learned several useful tips along the way that have relieved much stress from my everyday work life and have made me manage my workload more effectively.

21. The results of working with the team which was the ‘hot spot’ are incredible. Frankly, we weren’t sure the problem was fixable. (HR Leader)

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